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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




Q) I tried clicking the "Search" button to search for an activity and it wasn't found. Am I looking in the right place?
A) There are two search functions on this site. The resource library search is separate from the main site search accessible from the "Search" button at the top. To search for an activity, click the "Resource Library" button at the top, and enter your search criteria there. To search the rest of the site text, including Handbook text, use the "Search" button. We keep the resource search separate, which enables us to provide a more robust search engine specifically tailored to the activities and materials.

Q) I've tried to search and can't seem to get any search results to come up. What can I do to get search results?
A) There are two search functions on this site. If you are having trouble with the resource library search, click here for instructions. If you are having trouble with the main site search, click here for instructions.

Q) Where can I find an explanation of the Curriculum Builder?
A) You can read a detailed description of the Curriculum Builder by clicking here. You can also find this same description in the Curriculum Builder section of the site under "Using the Curriculum Builder."

Q) I'm using a Mac and am having trouble printing these pages. How can I fix that?
A) There are two problems that we have identified as being Mac-specific printing problems:
  1. Mozilla browser — If you are using Mozilla, you may experience problems printing Web pages such that part of the page prints out blank. If this happens, try highlighting the text on the screen before you print.

  2. Safari browser — If you are using Safari, you may experience problems printing Web pages where the page text only prints out in one column, and the right half of the page is blank. If this happens to you, try printing in landscape mode instead of portrait mode and your text should spread more normally across the page.

Q) I can access the Web site and the activities' Web sites from some computers but not others. Why?
A) It's possible that your school or organization's computers are set to block Web sites with questionable content. Talk to your system administrator about allowing access to this Web site.

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