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Using the Curriculum Builder

The purpose of the Curriculum Builder is to help you create a drug use prevention curriculum comprised of interactive activities customized to the needs of children and adolescents with whom you work (your target population). The successful curriculum will:

  1. Cover specific drug prevention content areas identified by research as necessary for a complete prevention curriculum
  2. Emphasize weak content areas as identified by the needs assessment
  3. Be comprised of activities that engage a variety of learning styles
  4. Fall within the resource constraints that you identify (time, money, equipment, personnel)
  5. Be customized to your target audience's drug use problems, demographics, and age

Building Your Curriculum

Building your curriculum is a multistep process. The process will be easier and should result in a more complete and customized curriculum if you follow all the steps in order. In addition, valuable information about each step can be gained by reading the appropriate sections of the Handbook Text. The steps are:

  Step 1: Starting Your Curriculum — This step involves filling out a form about your curriculum with information about your school or youth organization, resources available to you, and the demographics of your target population.

  Step 2: Assessing Needs — This step has three parts.

  • Part A. Deciding which needs assessments that you can do.
  • Part B. Performing those needs assessments.
  • Part C. Entering the information from those needs assessments into the Curriculum Builder.

  Step 3: Reviewing and Choosing Appropriate Activities — Once you have entered information about your school or youth organization, resources, and target population, you can ask the Curriculum Builder to show you activities that are appropriate based on the information you entered. From the Appropriate Activities, you choose the activities that you want to include in your curriculum. The Curriculum Builder keeps track of which activities you choose and how much of your resources (e.g., time) are being used up.

  Step 4: Finding Your Activities — After you have built your curriculum, you will then obtain the interactive activities you selected by either clicking on the links for the activities and printing them out, or ordering them from the appropriate source.

  Step 5: Printing Your Curriculum Report — You can print your curriculum report any time that you want. The report contains the curriculum details you entered, any needs assessment information you entered, a list of the activities that you have selected, and practical points about your target population that may be helpful in further customizing your activities to your target population.

  Once you have finished building your curriculum, you are ready to use it with your target population!

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