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What it does

The Substance Abuse Prevention Curriculum Guide Web site provides you with the means to an even deeper understanding of the children and adolescents with whom you work. The Web site includes information on how the country and our youth in particular are faring in the battle against substance abuse, substance abuse prevention research findings, techniques for collecting information about your target audience, hardships various groups face that may have an impact on substance abuse, and insight on the potential susceptibility to substance abuse of individuals of all types.

This Web site focuses on substance abuse prevention in the classroom setting. Research findings related to teaching substance abuse prevention really boil down to the following seven principles:
1) Prevention should enhance protective factors and reverse or reduce risk factors.
2) Prevention should address all forms of drug abuse including underage use of legal drugs.
3) Prevention should address the type of drug abuse problem in the local community.
4) Prevention should be tailored to address risks specific to population or audience characteristics, such as age and ethnicity.
5) Prevention should be designed to start as early as preschool and be reinforced regularly throughout the school-age years.
6) Prevention is most effective when it includes interactive techniques that engage multiple learning styles.
7) Prevention content should include these six areas: normative education, social skills, refusal skills, social influences, perceived harm, and protective factors.
As you may be aware, there are a great deal of educational materials for use in substance abuse prevention with children and adolescents. The problem is that there has never been a systematic way of employing all seven prevention principles in putting together a prevention curriculum. Now there is!

In creating the Substance Abuse Prevention Curriculum Guide Web site, we have created a tool that allows you to put all seven principles to use in creating your substance abuse prevention curriculum. Using our Web site will allow you to create a substance abuse prevention curriculum based on the most tried and proven research giving you the highest opportunity for success.

What you cannot do using this site

We believe that this Substance Abuse Prevention Curriculum Guide Web site is a unique and practical tool to aid you in reaching the children and/or adolescents with whom you work. More specifically, this Web site is designed to put together a drug use prevention curriculum that meets the unique needs of your youth. This site is not, however, intended as a tool for the development of a comprehensive drug use prevention program, which might also include policies, community outreach efforts, and health-related services. It is strictly for the development of classroom-based curricula.

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